Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Experience from Summit Shoes

I am sure everyone knows about Vincci, a leading Malaysian shoes retailer, that is always being displayed along with Padini, Seed etc within the Padini Concept Store.

Here it is to share another local shoe brand, Summit. Focuses mainly on Johor where the HQ is located, few Summit stores have recently sprung up in Klang Valley. Similiar to Vincci, the targeted consumers are middle working class just like you and me, where a good pair of heels below RM100 will give you decent design in return, although workmanship is .... errr.... questionable at times.

I only managed to discover Summit only 3 months ago when their new outlet is opened in Tropicana City Mall, and bought a pair of cotton mixed jeans like material heels for the first time.

Strolling happily home adding yet another pair to my shoe racks (where one day my dream is to have a shoe walk in wardrobe like this..)
OR ? Something like this ?

Then, I can live happily ever after...even if I look like a jerk...

Shaking my butt off down the street with full grip from the shoes (with Pretty Woman song playing in the background lallala~~~, doesnt matter even im not the prettiest), because a pair of shoes make wonders even if your outfit is plain boring.

OK, back to Summit. So i paid RM79.90 for a nude pair of cotton/jeans material with a bow in front, details below
Colour - Nude Khakis
Price ($$, yes this matters!) - RM79.90
Material - Cotton+Jeans

Adorable, isn't it ? Does it makes you more lady as usual ? =) well it does for me at least

Pardon me the dirt on the heels, it's rainy season now in Malaysia !

Suitable for daily work to the office, this is definitely a must buy for most fashionistas out there...
Definitely very comfy too ! Made of man-made leather for the inner lining, the heels does not put too hard of pressure when you wearing it on the run for a long day... talk bout meetings, walking around parading in office for 9 hours a day ! I am more than surprise the comfort im getting for the price i paid.

However, just like any typical heels, the heel stud tend to fall off at a typical of 2 months...

Worry not, because you may visit any cobbler near you for a quick fix anytime!

By the way, I have purchased another pair of heels long ago from the same store, shall share soon =) So far, i am still a happy consumer of Summit

p/s: This is not advertorial nor it is a sponsored post. This is solely my own experience and two cents thought

Love My Sole My Soul

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