Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Post

This is my first post. So hello all (oh wait, i do not have any follower after all).
Blogging (the new term) or journalism (yawn...so boring!) is never my passion.

I have trouble even reading articles, what more writing it out ! hah !

However, im writing this because i have passion for :
  • shoes (i grew up with shoes...its been a while since i shifted out of my comfort shoe zone)
  • heels ! (low heels, killer heels, stiletto - never have one just yet, sobs)
  • pumps (how i can I forget thee ! pumps is good for all occasions, casual days, grocery shopping in a rush with a big mess on ur hair and not to forget match it up with a decent and voila! you are ready to go)

I am EU size 39 (big feet i know, but heck im tall too!) , UK size 6, and Australia size 7. Bear in mind that you may need different shoe sizes while you are hunting for shoes in different countries, for example Korea's sizes go by "cm", i.e. 251 cm for me, so its common to fit comfortably into size 250.

I would share my recent favourite purchase from Summit, a budget store which is a stone throw away from my place ^^ they have great design and consistent QA/QC (compared to other local brands in malaysia)

Till then,
Love My Sole, My Soul

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