Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chanel Inspired Pumps from Larrie

Being a typical working lady in buzzling KL city, i was off for lunch and went for a short walk around in Pavillion and i clinched a great deal.

Inspired to be a lady who craves for girls, who loves fine tiny little lady details, i was more keen on looking for a pair of heels, something that i could adjust and juggle it happily between work and casual nights out (we gotta be smart consumers, yea?)

Thou shall say never say never tho, there is a pair of pumps sitting at the corner of the rack looking ordinary but elegant waiting patiently for its new owner, rather than stucked with the rest of the shoes left on the shelf, feeling unwanted.

Its another budget ordinary brand from Larrie. Honestly, i couldnt have bothered bout this brand if its not because of
  • their previous boring products
I have always categorised Larrie as some products which my mum would buy at her mid 40s, who claims shoes comfort is far more important than good and nice looking designs. Well i do agree to some extent but i beg to differ, too. Who said nice shoes can't be comfy as well ? Who said we must torture ourselves everyday for almost 12 hours a day (or perhaps more than that) a day ?

  • there was a cleaning lady blocking the walkway that i was impatient to get a shortcut walk through the Larrie display area.
When i walked through the corner, all the shoes i saw was black boring leather heels, with thick soles. Wedge heels are no-no for me personally, cause i tend to think like it makes our feet looks "fatter" or "more meaty" depending on the colour. I would prefer a pair of heel which could elongate my legs. For example,

Me in bare feet, it seems my leg has the same length as my knee length skirt at the moment, after wearing heels...

Tada ! Visually my legs just look longer isnt it ? This is the effect when you are wearing the heels due to elevation in height. Therefore, when you bend your leg to the side, it has the longer length and your legs too will look slimmer.
In fact, my ankle looks slimmer/thinner now after wearing heels. Note that for anyone who has same problem like me, then its wiser to go for heels which has less stripes across your feet, else its not just only visual eyesore having to see a "fat feet" being wrapped out like a towel, also
as you wear for long hours, the stripes will exert force/pressure on your feet and you'll suffer.

Anyway, i feel in love with this pair of pump the first moment i had a glimpse. It is very Chanel inspired, a typical "criss-cross" design in black/white.

Colour - Black/White
Price ($$, yes this matters!) - RM59.90
Material - Cotton, PVC(front black exterior)

Also plus the small tiny little details at every intersection of the stitching where they embedded small tiny steel at the intersection. Zoom in picture below

The interior of the shoe is made from fabric as shown in the picture above, and hence comfort is assured. What im worried more is the after effect wearing it, that my legs would look fat. True enough, it came to something like this,

My feet looks fat as it is a "round design" oppose to most heels with the "slit" at the side

No curvature of my ankle straight up to my thigh. Would recommend it to wear it with a short pants for a casual chic look tho.

Personally i do not adore slippers much, because i do not have pretty toe nails. Most of my frens in fact think that im weird, quick bite in pasar malam ? pumps. Hitting the water on the beach? pumps.

However, i still do think its a worth for $$, esp for a budget item. Not much of a complaint overall, blame myself for the feet? haha, no way ! im the consumer, yay we are always right =P

Hey, we are no saint in this world, we do have moody days in life, feeling laid back and lazy to dress up in contrast to what Coco Chanel says "Dress to your best everyday, because you will not know who will meet next". A strike of balance between both ? Juggle into a baby-T, comfy simple skirts/shorts and pumps. Then you are ready to go...and then your boyfie wont be saying "She takes forever to get ready, even for simple dinner in mamak !" Haha

Love My Sole My Soul

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